Use the form below to calculate the cost of your processing package.


We look at how many addresses there are

We start at a base price of 1½ ¢ each. The price can go up from there, based on a number of factors that help gauge the quality of the current list. Remember, we're not just making a quick check - every email address in the resulting list that you get back will be real and deliverable.

We check for bad entries

Your list will be checked for mistakes, malicious entries and fake TLDs. People sometimes put bad information into opt-in forms, particularly when an email address is required to unlock access to goods or services. Often, their intent is simply to avoid spam.

We flag risky addresses

Your list will be checked against a growing database of addresses that are likely to report any email you send as spam. This reduces the risk to your reputation, while saving resources on customer service and support calls.

The age of the list is an important factor

The older the list, the more likely it is to contain bad addresses. People quit jobs, change positions, and move to new services, etc. These old addresses are non-deliverable, and too many non-deliverable addresses will shut down the smtp server, and depending on your service, get you banned.

We consider how many lists it was compiled from​

When an address list is compiled from numerous sources, the dirtiest source can poison the whole list. To ensure that the resulting list is clean, we'll need to do more work.

We put in free addresses we know you'll want

If you like, we'll grow your list by adding opt-in email addresses from our OptingInto service.

The Calculator

Give us your best estimate.  Once we start, if the list is far dirtier than gauged above, we will contact you. 

We can usually process a list within 24 hours, but it can take as long as 72 hours.

Remember, true list processing takes time, but it’s worth the wait!  Your list can’t be perfected in real time. When your list is ready, it will either be emailed directly to you, or you’ll be sent a download link.

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