Three Tiers of Email List Maintenance, And Which Is Right For You.

Three Tiers of Email List Maintenance, And Which Is Right For You.

Email – It’s a fact… is a valuable form of communication in business and commerce.  Businesses want your email address.  They write articles to capture your interest, and email address.  Email lists grow.  They run big promotions.  And email lists grow bigger.  They offer incentives for your email address.  And they grow even bigger.   They sponsor events capturing even more email addresses.   Sound familiar?

You might think having the largest list alone is a thing of pride.   But think again.  There are many hidden costs involved in managing email lists for marketing, especially those with bad and outdated addresses.  It is widely accepted that culling down that list has become an important step in the email maintenance process.

To help with the culling process, previous to 2018, two tiers of email address “verification” had emerged.  These services help businesses purge addresses gone bad, up to a point.  Many articles have been written on the cost of having bad addresses.  This article is for those who know the costs and why they need to purge bad apples from their list.  The question now is how in depth should that verification be, and how effectively will it help your company achieve maximum list performance quarterly, or at least on an annual basis?  We believe that you should expect your “verified” lists to achieve less that 1% bounce rates every time you hit “send” or every marketing effort that follows has been diminished, or even wasted.  So, let’s examine these important steps in the email maintenance process.

The first tier of verification that was prevalent up to 2018 we call the “Quick Verify” because this service generally may not actually ping a server and generally costs 8/10 of a cent to 1/10 of a cent per email, depending on volume.  Now mind you, something is better than nothing.  There are many service providers to choose from and going this route will get your company some list improvement.  It’s cheap.  A quick verify can help reduce bounce rates, but you can do better, especially if you have not emailed the list in say 6+ months to a year or more after a campaign ended, or if you have never emailed the list.

The second tier of verification we call the “Verification Plus” tier, because this service includes a server ping… which includes more work, and probably some other steps, and will typically cost around 1 cent per email for the extra work involved.

Tier One will get you 80% verification, and tier two can get you as high as 97% verification, which may seem like a good thing. But, has your list really been cleaned?  You’ll get dizzy trying to compare the different processes explained on all the websites.  And neither of the first two tiers will actually email the entire list for you as part of their process to ensure email deliverability.  So, ask yourself how many bad apples are left in that last 2-3%?  How much harm will the harder to cull addresses cause?  Our tests have shown these “verified” lists to have bounce rates of 22% and in some cases much higher. These pesky stragglers will negatively impact your sender reputation. So, reducing your list another 2-3% once or twice a year can help pay for itself just by keep your company below the next monthly service tier at your ESP or CRM provider.  All good questions and points to consider as you now look at the top tier of service available from MailGage.

New for 2018:  MailGage introduces a premium email list cleaning service called the “Brand Builder Clean”.  This new service goes beyond verification and cleans out the dead and disruptive remains of old lists and other services.  It is targeted towards companies wishing to maintain the highest quality email address lists (lists with less than 1% bounce rates), with the added benefit of showing their commitment to anti-spam, year after year.  Service starts at just 1.5 cents per email, plus a modest $25/source or list age in years. This new third tier of service can be classified as List Cleaning with Good Will because it processes your opt-in lists sending an email to each and every address without affecting your server reputation.  Not a bad price for the premium level of service that goes the extra mile to get you unsurpassed results on the very first trial.

The MailGage service is especially valuable for lists that have not been accessed or emailed for over 3-6 months, or those who accumulate email addresses from multiple sources like website forms, events, Point of Sale systems, newsletters, article downloads, etc.  These multiple sources contribute to a higher percentage of errors, and problems for your reputation.  Your company doesn’t need to ditch a list gone bad.  Just invest a little more in the MailGage service on these older and multi-source lists.  Doing so can help grow your reputation and good will in support of the anti-spam movement.

The Brand Builder Clean will benefit Fortune 500 companies and any business owner who understands the costs of maintaining bad and low value email addresses.  The premium service, used periodically, will help ensure near 100% deliverability of your message into your customers’ inbox while reminding them of your commitment to anti-spam.  MailGage’s Brand Builder Clean sets you apart, truly cleans your list (not just superficially verifies), and helps keep your on-going maintenance costs in check.  There is benefit for going the extra mile, the MailGage way… AKA “Building Your Brand with Anti-Spam”.

It’s a new year so mix and match these tiered services to get the competitive edge your company desires.

Questions?  Contact Sales@MailGage.com.

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