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It’s time to try the most innovative approach to email list cleaning today: The Brand Builder Clean, powered by MailGage. The Brand Builder Clean is a premium email list cleaning service for premium brands looking for an edge against the competition.


Perfect vs. Verify

Other services will verify your email list… And that’s it. This means that they’ll make sure that the email addresses are formated correctly, that the domain exists, and that it accepts email. This reduces risk, but large lists (particularly those compiled from multiple sources) will still have enough bad addresses to get you in trouble. Enter Mailgage.

Beat Competition

If your list contains too many bad apples, your business is at risk. If 10% are undeliverable, marked as spam, or bounce, your reputation is at stake. Your domain could even be blacklisted and associated with spam engines. After running a Brand Builder Clean, you’ll bounce less, open more and up your sender score.

Any Opt-In List

If you want to clean your list with MailChimp, Constant Contact or Robly you can – one email at a time. That’s ok if you have a couple hundred. Really sad if you have 50,000. Let us handle that. You’ll be happier for it. Just upload a .csv file and let MailGage do the rest.

Lists Can't be Perfected in 

Be the tortoise, not the hare. Other services will verify your email list in real-time… Which is a quick check of an email addresses viability. Even the best of these miss undeliverable addresses, and entities that might consider your email as spam. We devote more time to get it right, so you can achieve maximum list performance.

We're dedicated to eliminating spam.

As part of our process, we check your list against a proprietary “no-spam” registry that eliminates viable addresses for individuals and entities likely to report any and all unsolicited email as spam. This greatly reduces your threats, and the likelihood that you’ll be labeled a spammer.

What we do: We turn your email lists into gold.
What we don't do: We're not an email service, and we don't ever share your lists.
Ray Ferrero, Esq.

about 1½¢ per email address.

But, for really nasty, old, dirty,
cockroach-ridden, stinky lists
there can be very modest additional fees.


Our Guarantee

Our results will outperform any other
list checking service, or your money back.

You could use another service, but why?

Others run a "quick check." We use a proprietary method to process potential addresses completely.

We’re the only service we know of that goes the extra mile. Other services use a set of filters, algorythms, and server “pings” to clean lists – these work well on good lists.  Unfortunately they miss 10% to 20% of bad emails on older and suspect lists. That means you’re risking your reputation, and bouncing enough emails to guarantee that your messages will start ending up as spam. That’s bad for your sender score.

Depending on your business, this could mean the loss of thousands or even millions of dollars – technical losses, missed opportunities, rebranding costs…

Ouch! Let MailGage Help.

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